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Real Finance Limited

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Real Finance is a nationwide lender to both consumer and commercial markets.

We have a long history of working with private business small and large to provide your customers with efficient and effective finance options allowing you access to sales that weren't otherwise possible.

Below are details of our Partner With Us program. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Partner with Us

Proudly 100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Real Finance is a privately owned & funded company. Our professional team have been involved in both the Consumer & Commercial Finance markets in the greater Wellington & Canterbury regions for nearly 50 years & we’re looking to progressively increase our ever growing presence across the country.

Real Finance partners up with business’ such as yours to increase your market coverage & to help you achieve profit growth through offering your future & current customers our diverse range of Credit products.

Real Finance also offers your customers peace of mind finance, with a range of Insurance products designed specifically for their finance products and provided through Janssen Insurance.


We process online applications nationwide & our superior emphasis on customer service means in most instances we’re able to provide approvals within 60 minutes of receiving your customers completed application.

Our evolved tech means your customers (and ours) can complete the entire process online via a smart phone or tablet in minutes – enabling quick conversion of inquiries into approvals and convenient, instant access to funds for you once the job is done or product delivered.

Returning customers can already have new loans approved in one phone call, so if they are a customer of ours (and a potential customer of yours) the deal can be done immediately.

Reach Further and Repeatedly

Your business will be able to attract those customers who previously couldn’t pay for your services in one lump sum, which applies to a large majority of New Zealand households.

This is particularly vital to reach and foster new business prospects in challenging times, giving you and your business the ability to stabilise your cash flow and continue growing despite any adverse market conditions.

A happy customer keeps coming back! By offering your customers a finance option which spreads their repayments out into manageable bite-size pieces, they won’t hesitate to come back to you when they need help again.


Protect Your Brand

Real Finance understands the importance of offering high quality & professional, friendly services to all of our partners & your most valued commodity – your customers!

We protect your brand by recognizing the hard work you have already done to attract your customer & building on that relationship throughout the course of each loan.

Increase Your Cashflow while Minimizing your Exposure

You will have no financial or professional responsibility to guarantee your customers account conduct, as we take care of the entire lending process from start to finish. We ensure prompt & efficient loan processing, meaning you get paid faster, each and every single time.

If you would like to partner up with Real Finance, or ask more questions about how our business can help grow your business, Contact us or Email us today.

“Real Finance’s partner program means we can offer our clients finance options that cost us nothing when they may not have thought about this previously, and simply believed our products were out of reach.”