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A Real Finance loan is generally approved on the day you apply & in most cases you have access to the cash on the same day!


We strive to provide approvals within 60 minutes of receiving your completed application & applying is so simple. Call us on 0800 21 21 21 for more personal help, or Apply Now via our fast online form & take the first step to reaching your financial goals.


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Repayments start as low as $10 per week, & the length of our loans range between 1 week & 3 years. Through nearly 100 years of experience, we realise every single person & situation is different, so we tailor each loan to perfectly suit your individual needs!


Real Friendly

Our dedicated & highly professional team treat you like you are part of the Real Finance family, not just another faceless number! We're small enough to care & large enough to matter!



"I applied in the morning & was able to use the cash that I'd borrowed by that afternoon. It's so simple, & the repayments are based on my own personal budget so they're easily affordable. I still can't believe it! ”  Chris, Wellington



Real Finance interest rates for loans currently range from 10.95% to 39.95% per annum.
Loans are required to be repaid by equal instalments of principal and interest over terms of between 1 and 36 months, with the term available determined by the amount sought.
Establishment fees vary based on the new loan amount. Full details of all fees are available here.


Actual Loan Example:
A $10,640 loan repayable over 36 months by 36 monthly instalments at an interest rate of 6.58%:
An establishment fee of $181, Centrix Check of $10, Wheels Report of $11, PPSR search + registration fee of $15, and an administration fee of $18 per month ($648).
Total interest was $1,141.03 making the total payable $12,646.03.
The APR inclusive of fees for this loan was only 10.8663% per annum.

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