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Costs Of Borrowing

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Real Finance is a nationwide lender operating in the Consumer and Commercial markets.

Below are the costs of borrowing consumer credit through us. For commercial lending please see our Business Range. If you have any questions please contact us.

Costs of Borrowing


Real Finance must ensure our consumer lending fees are and remain reasonable. If fees applicable to your loan account change during the course of your loan, we will notify you prior to making any such changes. As of 1 February 2023 our fee structure is:

Real Finance’s current standard interest rates on consumer lending range from 9.95% p.a to 39.95% p.a (check out our current promotions). The rate applicable to you will depend on your specific circumstances, taking into account:

  • How much you want to borrow; and
  • The term of your Loan; and
  • Your income and other financial commitments; and
  • Your credit history; and
  • What collateral (if any) is being offered to secure your loan; and
  • Any other pertinent information.

Real Finance’s interest rates are fixed for the term of your loan. Interest is calculated daily on the remaining balance of your loan and is debited to your account weekly.

If you are looking to borrow funds for Investment or Business purposes, or to calculate what interest rate would apply to you as a Consumer Borrower, please contact us and speak to one of our friendly team about your unique lending situation.

In the event of a default in your repayments and while the default continues, you must pay the default interest rate on the overdue portion of your loan.

Default interest is calculated daily on only the overdue portion of your Loan account, and is debited to your account weekly.

The Default Interest Rate is 10.00% (Mini/Maxi/Rapid Class) or 20.00% (Super/Consol Class) per annum higher than the Interest Rate applicable to your loan.

Not all fees will apply to your loan. Our team will go through the applicable fees with you prior to you being provided loan disclosures, or other fees becoming payable.


“The interest rate, fees and other terms were all explained prior to signing up and in a clear and simple manner, so there were no surprises. It was so easy!”