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The Open Road Is Calling

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The open road is calling. We know everyone is chomping at the bit to shed the now all too familiar and claustrophobic “Covid mask” that has embodied 2021, get on the open road and enjoy some fresh kiwi air for awhile.

Whether you want to fix up your current ride to make sure you have some worry-free motoring or are looking at upgrading as a bit of a treat to yourself, a Real Finance vehicle loan can be your ticket to an epic summer holiday road trip. We’ve got all the based covered with vehicle finance loans beginning at $2,000 and increasing to $50,000, terms of up to 36 months and repayments tailor made to suit your budget.

Need insurance?

We have the whole range from comprehensive vehicle, to mechanical breakdown and payment protection insurance.

Like a sweetener to seal the deal and living in Canterbury?

Draw down a vehicle loan from Real Finance for $5,000 or more – For a limited time we’ll give our Christchurch clients a Tony’s Tyre Service voucher valid for a range of services worth over $940 absolutely free of charge.

Short of time?

Apply Online in under 3 minutes. You can provide your documents digitally, receive approval digitally and sign up digitally. In addition you can check you have received funds online (via your banking app). And all in your own time. We ensure repayments are able to made easily by providing Direct Debit facilities. There is as little fuss as possible.

As a result you can see a Real Finance vehicle loan isn’t just a good choice, it’s the smart choice. We treat our clients with care and respect at all times and therefore we respond to your requests almost instantly. Above all, our professional and friendly team provide you with superior customer service as standard.

Apply now and lets get you sorted because the open road is calling.

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