Short Term Loans

Small, short term loans aren't always a bad thing. Sometimes you just need help for a very short time, & having to jump through hoops to get a long term loan is painful, time consuming & more costly than it's worth.


However, with traditional payday lenders also come super high interest rates, & that's exactly what we can't stand! Why should you have to pay 500% interest (per year) or even more just because you need a small loan for two weeks!?!?!?


We've seen many Pay Day lenders contracts & here are just a couple to compare:

  • $230 Loan, requiring $291 to be repaid in a short term. The interest rate was 521.48%
  • $400 Loan requiring one repayment of $640 in a short term. The interest rate (which wasn't disclosed) was 390%


Real Finance constantly sees clients who intended to borrow only once from a payday lender, but because of the extreme amount they are being charged, most of their repayments go towards interest & they just can't get out of the cycle, relying on these high interest loans to get through from one payday to the next, over & over again.


Real Finance does not offer payday loans in the same way as these lenders, but we do offer short term lending solutions to our regular clients at much lower interest rates than these other companies, just so good, honest people don't fall into the payday loan trap.


If you are thinking about borrowing just for a short time, please - please - please, before you accept a contract from anyone else, either contact us on 0800 21 21 21 or email us to seek advice about how we can offer you a better, cheaper alternative.


If you already know that a short term cash loan from Real Finance is the right way to go, apply now & let's get things sorted.

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