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Real Finance provides a range of business finance options designed to suit your business requirements.

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Business Finance Range

Small Business Kickstarter

Got a great idea?    Real Finance’s small business kickstarter loan is all about turning those great ideas into profitable realities!

Our business team will sit down with you and listen. We’ll ask all the questions about your passionate idea that we’ll need to progress quickly and then we’ll find the best solution to nurture that until it becomes a reality.

With loan sizes of between $5,000 and $50,000 and terms of up to 36 months to repay, this is a perfect fit for those with huge ideas and slightly smaller pockets.

Working Capital Finance

Whether you are an invoice based provider of products, a middle man, an introducer, an importer or an exporter, there is often a delay between taking orders and taking payments – Real Finance is no different!

A Real Finance Working Capital loan is the ideal bridging arrangement which allows you to purchase product from your suppliers and fulfill those large and profitable orders from your customers, without damaging your regular business cash flow.

Our team ensure everything is set up to coincide with your remittance dates, meaning seamless flow of funds can occur between all parties without those sleepless nights.

Loans start at $5,000 and climb to $300,000 with terms to suit your requirements and affordability.

Asset Finance

Whether it’s bigger, different or more of the same, Real Finance Asset Finance lending is designed specifically to purchase business Assets and repay the funding over terms that suit the style and cash flow of your operation.

Contact us to have a sit down and let our team tailor a real solution to your expansion plans.

Lending up to $300,000 and repayment terms of up to 36 months.

“Real Finance listened to our needs and saw the potential we had if only we could have obtained the capital injection needed. So glad we pushed ahead and found the right Lender!”