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Loan Calculator

Loan calculator - CONSUMER Loans

$1,000 $50,000
1 months36 months
Your monthly repayments would be approximately . In total you would repay approximately - made up of the loan, fees, and interest. The loan would end around if repaid correctly.
Total you will Pay:
This calculator is intended as a helpful guide for use when comparing Consumer Loan providers and should only be used as such. It provides results based on the assumptions below and the information you provide.
  • The calculated amount is not a quote or offer from Real Finance (or our External Lenders) and is only for Consumer Loans.
  • Repayment amounts calculated are based on an indicative annual interest rate of 23.95%, an Establishment fee and a Monthly Administration fee.
  • The rate offered successful applicants will depend on individual circumstances, including your credit score, affordability and any security offered.
  • Our current annual interest rates and costs of borrowing can be found here.
  • Other fees or charges may apply to your individual loan.
  • It assumes you make all your required repayments in full and on time and therefore do not enter default.

For more information or to obtain a finance quote tailored to your individual circumstances, please contact one of our friendly team.

Vehicle Finance

From $2,000 - $50,000*
From $70 Weekly
  • Terms: Up to 36 Months.
  • Buying New or Using Your Current Car.
  • Apply Today & Drive Away

Mortgage Loans

From $5,000 - $2,000,000*
From $199 Monthly
  • Terms: Up to 60 Months.
  • For Short-Mid Term Purposes.
  • Renovate or Repair.

Debt Consolidation

From $1,000 - $50,000*
From $35 Weekly
  • Terms: Up to 36 Months.
  • Sort All Your Debts Into 1 Payment.
  • Lose The Stress of Multiple Debts.


From $1,000 - $50,000*
From $99 Monthly
  • Terms: Up to 36 Months.
  • Sort All Your Debts Into 1 Payment.
  • Solve Your Cash-Flow Issues Today.


From $1,000 - $100,000*
From $35 Weekly
  • Terms: Up to 36 Months.
  • Our "Use For Anything" Loan.
  • 100% Online Process and so Fast.


From $5,000 - $300,000*
From $199 Monthly
  • Terms: Up to 60 Months.
  • Asset Finance, Capital, Kickstarter.
  • We See What You See.

*larger amounts are provided through our external lending partners

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